Sujets du baccalauréat d’anglais

Moroccan Baccalaureate Writing

Exam 1

Task 1: Paragraph about Facebook

Facebook is one the most popular social networking sites that most people use in their everyday lives. It has become an active worldwide platform for virtual interaction between internauts of all walks of life. It is also considered a source of news as its users write posts about what is going on around the world. People do not only use it to share their private lives but they also take advantage of its popularity to promote their businesses. Currently, Facebook incarnates social media for almost everybody as it provides them with all the tools they need to communicate and do business at the international level.

Task 2: email about the best holiday

Dear friend,                                                                                                                                                      

I am writing this e-mail to tell you about the best holiday I have ever had. I have just come back from Spain where I spent the most wonderful month in my life. I travelled throughout the country which is full of historical monuments, and I really ademired the scenery wherever I went. I was really amazed by the Roman Theatre in Mérida, the Alhambra in Granada, and Great Mosque in Cordoba among others. The country’s landscape was so varied and beautiful that one can never feel bored while sightseeing around places like Cuevas del Drach in Mallorca, Caminito del Rey in Málaga, and Cabo de Gata in Almería. I have never done such an unforgetabe trip which I will certainly do again, and I urge you to go there on your next holiday. Just let me know if you decide to do so, for I may accompany you.

Yours ever,


Exam 2

Task 1: A paragraph about improvement in your city

My city, Casablanca, has recently been subject to many improvements concerning its infrastructures and environment laws. Construction sites have been around for about ten years, and many buildings and roads have been renovated or added. The transportation system has been reinforced by two tramway lines and two others under construction. A new fleet of buses has been circulating in the city since the begining of the year 2021. What is more, lots of tunnels have been constructed to keep traffic flowing and get rid of the issue of traffic jams. As for the environmennt, the moroccan parliament has passed several regulations to reduce pollution. Old cars whose ages range from 20 years on are no more allowed to circulate as they pollute the air a lot. In 2016, the government banned the production or use of plastic bags and even their importation has become illegal ever since. The Casablanca city council is still working on restructuring this metropolitan area and solving environmental problems to make life better for its inhabitants and visitors alike.   

TAsk 2: A thank you letter to a helpful teacher

Dear English teacher,

I am writing this letter to express my gratitude to you and my appreciation for the tremendous efforts you made to help become the knowledgeable person I am now. I would not have learnt lots of things without your unwavering helpfulness that made it easy for me to pursue my studies under your supervision. Thanks to your insightful guidance, I am able to deliver presentations in different fields, write essays perfectly, and communicate well in English. Your instructions have enabled me to study at ease and to be sure to excel in future literature studies at university as I am equiped with all the required linguistic tools. I have always been proud to be a student of yours, and it would give me a great pleasure if I could serve you in any way though I will never be able to reward the support you provided me with.

Yours gratefully,


Exam 3

Task 1: A paragraph  about improvements in school

Throughout the years I spent in school, I witnessed many positive changes both in its structure and its instruction methods. When I first joined it, it had only three classrooms where teachers were using classical ways that involved blackboards and chalk. The courtyard was so small that it got very crowded during breaks, which caused quarells all the time. There was neither a cafeteria for pupils to eat or have drinks nor a stadium for them to play collective sports. Now, things have improved to the extent that its reputation has become the pride of the country’s scholar system. It has expanded to include five more classrooms where teaching methods have gotten sophisticated with the use of new technological tools like datashows computerized courses. The teachers still rely on boards, but they are now either white using markers to write on them or tactyl using touches to draw on them. There is also enough space for pupils to relax and do sports while they pause, and they have a place where they can have meals or beverages. My school has been through many improvements since I came to it, and I am proud to be one of its graduates.

Task 2: email about favourite films

Dear friend,

I am glad to tell you that my favourite film, Like a Boss, will be at last diffused on TV next Sunday evening at ten. I loved this movie when it was first released in cinemas, but I could not see it then as I was busy studying for my baccalaurate exam. My father, who saw it, told me about its story which revolves around the mainly comic actions that take place after two friends whose ideals are different set up a beauty company. He said that they dispute with each other all the time as one of them is lavish while the other is more practical. I am eager to find out how such characters interact with one another, and I am expecting a lot of fun. If you have not seen it yet, I suggest you come over for diner and enjoy it with me.



Exam 4

Task 1: Paragraph about Alqaraouiyyine University

Alqaraouiyyine University is the oldest and most unique of its kind in the world, but it was first built both as a mosque and as a spiritual educational center. It was founded in 859 as a mosque and an oratory by the eminent muslim figure, Fatima al-Fihria, who devoted it to promoting islamic teachings throughout Africa. Over the years, this university has produced many prominent graduates such as ibn rushayd al-sabti and mohammed ibn al-hajj al-abdari al-fasi. It was recognised as university in 1963 by the Moroccan kingdom which considers it as cultural patrimony. Currently, the university teaches several disciplines and has become so prestigious that most successful Moroccan politicians pursued their studies in it.

Task 2: email about advice to stop smoking

To whom it may concern,

Smoking kills people gradually as it causes many serious illnesses the most fatal of which is cancer. That is why I urge smokers to quit this bad habit right away as this is within yours reach once you decide to do so. In fact, you can either give it up at once through determination or keep on trying to get rid of it in vain. It is helpful to go jogging after having breakfast so that you could avoid smoking at that time. It is a good idea to take a nap after lunch because this makes you forget about smoking after a meal. When you ar in trouble, try to discuss the matter over with a trustworthy person as this will prevent you from resorting to smoking. Likewise, share your happiness with non-smokers and engage in fun activities that are likely to take you away from cigarette smoke.

Good luck


Exam 5

Task 1: A paragraph about favourite TV programme

My favourite TV programme is the evening talkshow which treats various current issues in all walks of life. I enjoy it because it not only provides me with brilliant ideas concerning several life matters but it also entertains me after I come home from school. I like it a lot when the participants start arguing, sticking to their points of view and trying to convince others to take their sides. It gives me a great pleasure when youth life is discussed as some guest speakers evoke subjects that really interest me, and I have always taken advantage of that to improve my lifestyle and broaden my knowledge in the light of their ideas. In short, I have learned a great deal from such a TV programme which has made me acquire many things while relaxing.

Task 2: An article about the best city of the year

Many people have recently nominated Casablanca for the prize of the best Moroccan city of the year as it has seen lots of improvements. It has renovated and extended its infrastructure, and its inhabitants are living more and more comfortably. New roads have been paved and public transportation has been diversified so that drivers and pedestrians could circulate easily. More tunnels and bridges were built so as to get rid of traffic jams which slow down people’s activities. Moreover, the city council has constructed a network of tramways that cover all the metropolitan area and launched the high-speed train that takes two hours to Tangiers instead of three hours and a half. Accordingly, Casablanca deserves being looked on as the best Moroccan city especiall as it is on its way to become the financial capital of Africa. I think that my city has done its best to prove its merit of being number one in the country through its achievements not only in terms of structure but at the economical level as well.